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The best Fruit on this Planet is Blueberries

Lemon Honey Ginger 12 oz

Lemon Honey Ginger 12 oz


This variety combined cold-pressed blueberry and lemon juice with a touch of ginger. It's slightly sweetened with honey and diluted with Vermont spring water to create a delicate and refreshing drink.

Please do not get misled with the name "Blueberry Water"; our juices are very rich, medium to full bodied. You can even dilute them half and half with water and they will still be refreshing

and delicious ! As with all of our Blueberry Waters, it is not pasteurized and no additives or prerservatives, etc. are added. It is just a mixture of pure natural juices and only thanks to HPP technology, we can offer it with 120 days refrigerated shelf life. Expiration date is clearly marked on each bottle.

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