HPP ( High Pressure Processing) is a USDA and FDA approved natural process when very high cold water pressure eliminates potential pathogens and food spoilage organisms in a variety of foods, including juices.

When a product is put through this HPP, water pressure is instantly and uniformly applied around the package.

Imagine a grape inside a bottle of water. If you placed your hand around the bottle and squeezed, the grape would stay intact because the pressure around it is equal from all sides.

Similarly, in juice processing, intense, carefully-monitored pressure is applied equally from all directions. This uniform pressure ensures the juice’s structure, texture, flavor, most nutritional value and performance are unaffected, unlike in heat or chemical processing when most of the Vitamins and Enzymes are destroyed.


 This intense water pressure of 75 thousand PSI effectively disrupts the living pathogens and spoilage organisms within the juice — essentially eliminating all the harmful organisms within the sealed package. And since no additional preservatives have been added, the natural flavor of the juice is untainted. See a Video: