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Why do we call it Blueberry Water and not Blueberry Juice?

Do not be misled with the modest name "Blueberry Water"! Our beverages are actually medium to heavy juices. Each bottle contains a 1/2 pound of fresh squeezed blueberries.


The name, juice drink has taken on a bad connotation. Our supermarkets have aisles of "juice drink" options that vary from the super sweet grape juice we remember from our childhood and just know is heavily sweetened, to a wide variety of orange juices that never taste fresh squeezed, orange drinks with color and all sorts of additives.

So we have chosen to call our juices Blueberry Water.

The drinks are excellent as they are or you can dilute them with water to your preference. Our Vermont Blueberry Waters are still tasty and refreshing even if you dilute them 3 to 1 or 2 to 1. Everybody is different, so it is up to you how concentrated you like it. But, please, try to only quality water. Your tap water might spoil the purity. We use only Vermont pure spring water.

With the latest worldwide nutrition movement and research, we know now more and more about how important are minerals, vitamins, enzymes, phytochemicals, etc. and also how extremely important water is for our bodies.
Since hydration and re-hydration are so important, we want you to hydrate with liquids full of valuable nutrients.
Our focus is especially on juices of blueberries and other native berries, such as: elderberries, currants, blackberries, raspberries, etc..


(See the "Drink Ingredients" pages for complete details and reasons for the use of all our ingredient options.)

Because water is the most important and only thing that we can hydrate with
and that we cannot live without too long.
So, our mission is to create delicious, high quality, all-natural beverages full of life-essential and health-enhancing nutritional ingredients.

It's all about water in some very pleasant forms.

That's why we call it "Vermont Blueberry Water" even though the beverages are actually full bodies juices.

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