Our Story

   My Life's Experience as a Chef produces the best blueberry juices  

When I learned about the HPP process, I knew I could finally make my delicious fresh blueberry juices available to the public.

The problem we all have with enjoying a fresh fruit drink is the same as with milk or orange juice. It just doesn't stay fresh very long, needs to be continually refrigerated and doesn't taste as good as it would fresh from the cow or the orange tree.

The problem with the current technology of pasteurization is that the heat applied to reduce bacteria and increase shelf-life also diminishes the juice's taste.

I wanted a drink with a longer shelf life so I could get it to you, my customers.

We use the freshest and the cleanest fruits (yes, we have a special cleaning process that others don't bother to do) and methods of preparing our juices. This gives our juices a delicious taste, same as if I had prepared the juice right in front of you.

Enter the new technology of HPP - high pressure processing.

HPP kills off that tiny amount of natural bacteria present after regular drink processing and the Big Advance with HPP is that it does not diminish the taste of our blueberry juices in the least. This is a great new advance in technology.

HPP's new technology removes bacteria by using pressure instead of heat. Pressure doesn't affect the juice's taste; heat does.

The results have to be tasted to be appreciated — the best blueberry juice ever.     ~ Chef Josef