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Our Story

Because we grow our own berries, have expertise in food handling, nutrition,  sanitation and even in beekeeping. We are sure that we are better than others.  
 There is no other company that would make similar all-natural products like that.
All Natural, No Chemicals, No Preservatives, No GMOs
and not even Pasteurized.
The best as it can get!
We combine the latest nutritional research
with the old-fashioned healing knowledge passed down through the centuries that many times is downplayed. That is why we even call
our blueberry and vegetable farm
the "Back to Nature, Back to Future" place.
I, Josef Podnecky, the founder of this project, have to tell you first a short story about my  life.
I was brought up in a hardworking, honest family with Austrian ethics where my mother's and father's sides were from very different backgrounds. My mother's side was full of doctors and scientists, etc. so they got me very interested in the sciences. My father's side was more country business people in the food industry. My grandma was really the frugal country woman with an incredible knowledge of medicinal plants, wild mushrooms, and all kinds of traditional medical procedures that really worked. I was always more on the scientific side and I even made fun of her that she was a witch, but she always lectured me about natural healing remedies, organic foods, and even that blueberries are the best fruit in the world. I was always laughing at her even though I really loved the blueberries. 
It's amazing how right these old people were without a Harvard degree or computers.
So, after I decided not to be a doctor, I choose, to make my parents angry, to go with a more exciting human essential which is food.  I became an executive chef, nutritionist, and studied five years in Food Sciences and Technology.
In my 50 years in the food industry, I was always moving closer to the original sources of the food. First, I started to get supplies for my businesses directly from farmers. After that, I finally decided to grow things on my own. Eventually I ended up with growing blueberries since we all love them very much and it reminds me of my old grandma and that she was actually right. 
Today we know how berries, and especially blueberries, are good for us. So, when my friends and doctors are asking me why I didn't want to be a doctor, I  answer that actually a good chef might be even more important than a doctor since 
prevention is more important than fixing problems later. 
When I saw so many bad beverages on the market, I decided to start this company and create some very healthy and tasty beverages unspoiled with some chemicals, pasteurization, or preservatives and of course, cold pressed only. With the help of a couple of seasoned professionals, I believe we have achieved that and we can present you with our one-of-a-kind exceptional beverages on the market.


The new technology of HPP - high pressure processing.

When I learned about the HPP process, I knew I could finally make my delicious fresh blueberry juices available to the public.

The problem with the current technology of pasteurization is that the heat applied to reduce bacteria and increase shelf-life also diminishes the nutritional values and the taste. I always was dreaming of a process that would increase shelf life without destroying the nutritional values. HPP's new technology removes bacteria by using pressure instead of heat and doesn't change the taste either. 


I think we created really exceptional beverages by using my experience and education combined with the newest technology and old fashioned wisdom.

Our juices were properly tested by an FDA-credited lab and thanks to HPP, we can offer 120 days shelf life.

    The Nature oriented  Chef Josef

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